East Lansing High School football players endured insults and vulgarities while playing in South Lyon

SOUTH LYON, Me. – South Lyon High School and East Lansing High School faced each other in a county championship soccer game last Friday.

Before kick-off, someone recorded a video of a person shouting inappropriate comment at East Lansing High School players kneeling during the national anthem.

The game was played at South Lyon High School. The head of East Lansing Public Schools said they learned of the situation and other racially charged acts earlier this week. Identify both school districts.

East Lansing High School football players have kneeled during the national anthem since the 2020 season. During last Friday’s game, someone from the South Lyon department yelled at the high school students.

“We thought, ‘Did he really just yell that?’ And: ‘How about the national anthem? For you to yell at while respecting our children, ”said a parent of an East Lansing player.


The parents said nothing was done at that moment. South Lyon Community Schools watched the video and spoke to people who attended the game.

“A spectator at the South Lyon High School vs. East Lansing High School soccer game made an inappropriate comment while playing the national anthem. It is unfortunate that this viewer made the inappropriate comment. Our staff investigated the comment using video and viewer interviews. The investigation led us to believe that the comment was made by a bystander standing in our student department. This viewer is neither a student of the South Lyon Community Schools nor is it a member of the South Lyon Community Schools.

The Sports Director of South Lyon High School was in frequent contact with the Sports Director of East Lansing High School over allegations of inappropriate comments by South Lyon High School football players. East Lansing coaches and match officials have been interviewed and no such concerns about inappropriate comments have been brought to their attention during or after the game. At no point has the East Lansing Sports Director raised any concerns about the athleticism of our student athletes. These types of comments are not tolerated, nor are they representative of our students, staff and the community. “

Community schools in south Lyon

East Lansing’s parents said the problems weren’t just related to the comment made during the national anthem.

Parents say they weren’t made aware of the problems until after the game when the kids came home.

“They discussed what children are called on the bus [expletive], [expletive] Lovers, if they weren’t black, ”said one parent.

The video also shows a student being hit after a play.

Parents of East Lansing students want an apology.

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