Compensation Clinic: Hyatt Place Detroit Auburn Hills – What A Terrible Resort!

This week the Compensation Clinic case recapitulates a stay at the Hyatt Place Detroit, Auburn Hillswhere one of our readers had a really bad stay.

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Select service hotels are always a challenge, but there are still brand standards, and the expectation should be that when a guest stays at one of the big chains, there is a certain level of quality and cleanliness, yet many properties don’t really care about the brand standard manual.

Our reader Kevin stayed at the Hyatt Place Detroit Auburn Hills, and the stories, as well as the images that reached us from that hotel, are anything but encouraging.

Here are some pictures Kevin took at the hotel:

The hotel had several issues and defects. For one, there must have been extensive water damage or at least a water leak somewhere at the property as they had a lot of ventilators and dehumidifiers spread all over the first floor. One elevator was out of service.

As Hyatt Place properties include breakfast, the guest went downstairs to eat shortly before checking out and the pantry was a complete mess with most items already out, and they weren’t replenished for the entire time. What was left? Stale french toast, potatoes, and hard-boiled eggs that were impossible to peel (see the main picture above). Disgusted by the experience, he left the cold items behind on the table and went back to the room. Then a lady working in the pantry area chased after him to the elevator, demanding he clean up the table and throw the food away. What!?

The main issue is that aside from the pantry worker that chased our reader to lecture him about discarding his dishes the hotel was extremely short-staffed.

According to the reader there were several instances where the front desk was not staffed. At the point of checkout, there was once again nobody at the front desk and the guest had to look around for anyone that was currently on duty. Eventually, an employee was found in the guest laundry room.

These issues were communicated to management and the reader received 12,000 World of Hyatt Points for the bad experience.


Our reader Kevin stayed at the Hyatt Place Detroit Auburn Hills and the experience was totally unacceptable for a Hyatt hotel of any brand, even a select service hotel.

The main problem of this property is facing appears to be staffing. Insufficient numbers of staff on one side and then others who think it’s appropriate to argue with the guest about cleaning up tables. Mind you, despite being a Hyatt Place this isn’t a cheap hotel, and you still pay in excess of $100/night and sometimes much more.

Eventually, after requesting to talk to management the reader received 12,000 points as compensation which is good for one of the two nights he stayed there. From what I’ve heard and seen here I wouldn’t recommend returning.

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