Little Caesars goes after Detroit-style pizza competitors

Behind a deep dish of Motor City Pride, pizza chain Little Caesars in a new campaign is going after competitors serving what it considers inauthentic “Detroit-Style” pizza, including Pizza Hut.

The effort—which includes a pledge to give coupons to people who have tried versions from other chains—comes as Detroit-style pizza gains acclaim around the country. Unlike its better-known regional siblings from New York and Chicago, Detroit pizza is a rectangular, deep-dish pizza known for its chewy crust, and crunchy, caramelized cheese edges. It is said to have originated in Detroit behind a pizza chef using Sicilian-style dough originally baked in an automotive drip pan.

“The biggest question is why has it been a secret for so long. Here in Detroit, it’s been around for decades,” Little Caesars’ Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hamilton said in an interview. Little Caesars has offered its take since 2013, the longest among national pizza chains, Hamilton said. The style has been a focus of several recent marketing efforts, which come as Little Caesars continues to emphasize quality and authenticity in its products.

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