BWL opens time capsule from Eckert Power Station in REO City, Lansing

LANSING — Ray Phillipich began his career “pushing a broom” at BWL’s Municipal Power Plant in 1976. He retired as a project engineer in June 2021.

A self-described “history buff,” his research played an instrumental role in the discovery of the time capsule BWL officials had placed near the plant’s cornerstone 100 years ago. The coal plant was commissioned in 1924 and later renamed the Eckert Power Station.

Retired BWL project engineer Ray Phillipich, right, a self-described

The time capsule was removed from the cornerstone on July 25. On Friday, Dick Peffley, BWL’s general manager, opened it at BWL’s REO Depot.

People look at some of the historical documents and other relics found in the 100-year-old BWL time capsule opened Friday, Aug. 5, 2022, during a ceremony at the BWL REO Depot.

Inside were two copies of the Lansing State Journal, two silver dollars, a silk American flag, construction plans and blueprints for the plant, assorted photographs, copies of the rates for electricity, water and steam heat, and other BWL and City of Lansing historical documents.

Peffley said that once historians from the Capital Area District Library and BWL archive and catalog the historical contents, they may place some of the relics in a new time capsule. They also plan to share or display some of the century-old relics and historical ephemera for public viewing in the future.

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