This Week in Supercross: Round 10 – Detroit

History lesson: The first 250SX Class race held in Michigan was on April 13, 1986 and Ron Tichenor won on a Kawasaki with Honda’s Keith Turpin in second. The next night it was Turpin winning with Tichenor runner-up. Turpin won the title two weekends later at Texas Stadium with Tichenor 22 points behind.

37 Previous 250SX Class Races at Michigan: The Pontiac Silverdome hosted 29 250SX Class races from 1986-2005. Ford Field has hosted the 250SX Class race in Detroit since, making the 2022 Detroit 250SX Class race Michigan’s 38th all-time and ninth at Ford Field.

Bubba and Mookie’s Luck: The winner of the 250SX Class race in Michigan has gone onto win the title in 18/37 races, but only 1/8 in Ford Field just like the 450SX Class (Malcolm Stewart in 2016). The only rider in the 450SX Class, as previously mentioned, to win in Ford Field and the title is James Stewart.

Returning Three Seasons Later: 2019’s Detroit Supercross was a triple-crown that was swept by Austin Forkner. Eight riders who were in the Main Events that night are active 250SX Class Eastern Regional riders who could potentially line-up depending on injury status and qualifying results (2019 Detroit result): Jordon Smith (2nd), Mitchell Oldenburg (7th), Kyle Peters (8th), Henry Miller (13th), Josh Cartwright (14th), John Short (16th), Josh Osby (18th), & Ramyller Alves (22nd).

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