Metallica Donates To GRCC To Help Future Grand Rapids Workforce

There’s no doubt that Metallica is the biggest metal band in the world but they are not too big to donate to communities and Grand Rapids is one of those communities.

All Within My Hands Foundation

All Within My Hands Foundation Facebook Page

All Within My Hands Foundation Facebook Page

In 2017, Metallica formed their own charity but specifically targeted markets across the United States where they performed. This was the band’s way to pay back those who supported Metallica all these years.

All Within My Hands Foundation Facebook Page

All Within My Hands Foundation Facebook Page

Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation donates money to community colleges all across the nation and one of those colleges is right here in Grand Rapids and that is Grand Rapids Community College. The grant Metallica provides is focused on helping nontraditional students acquire welding skills and give them a career.

All Within My Hands Foundation Facebook Page

All Within My Hands Foundation Facebook Page

Metallica is now in its fourth year of the program with community colleges. The band is investing $1.8 million to expand the program to ten more schools, bringing the total to 32 in 27 states. These grants go directly to helping underserved students looking to get into a trade or learning program.

Metallica Helping Grand Rapids Community College Students

Close-up of an Industrial Welder holding welding torch with welding sparks.

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Metallica and their All Within My Hands Foundation have again reached out to Grand Rapids Community College to provide another grant to help local students get the training they need to build a welding career.

Woman welder with a welding torch in her hands.

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According to FOX 17, All Within My Hands Executive Director Pete Delgrosso said, “Our goal for the Metallica Scholars Initiative is to shine a light on workforce education and support the next generation of tradespeople.

The welder is welding steel plates


FOX 17 reported that the interim executive director of Workforce Training at GRCC said, “We’re proud that Metallica and its foundation continue to invest in GRCC and our students. When you provide someone with a new set of skills, you’re doing more than helping them get a new job. You’re changing their lives.”

Steve Jennings/WireImage/Getty Images

Steve Jennings/WireImage/Getty Images

It just goes to show you that not only has Metallica changed people’s lives through their music, but are also doing it through education.

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