May 28 power outage in Grand Rapids will affect gas stations

Travelers on Highway 6 heading north or south on Saturday are advised to ensure they have enough fuel to cover the 500 kilometers between Gypsumville and Thompson without refueling

No gas will be available in Grand Rapids for six hours on May 28 while Manitoba Hydro is working on the electrical system in the area.

The Crown utility is undertaking a planned power outage from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday that will affect about 900 customers, including gas stations in Grand Rapids. As a result, fuel availability will be limited between Thompson and Gypsumville, a distance of just over 500 kilometers.

Manitoba Hydro is advising anyone traveling north or south on Highway 6 to ensure they have enough fuel to get through the area without refueling.

Crews are testing vital safety equipment to help prevent longer power outages in the future and Manitoba Hydro says the work is part of its regular maintenance schedule and to comply with North American Electricity Reliability standards.

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