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With guest musician Patty PerShayla, who gave the band an additional rock ‘n’ roll hello, the Traverse City band lit up Calvin’s Covenant Fine Arts Center on Saturday. The summary and photo gallery.

Continuation of the ‘Vessel’ Tour: The Accidentals on stage Saturday night. (Photo / Kendra Petersen-Kamp)

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With The Accidentals’ largest fan base in the Grand Rapids area, it’s no surprise that the band members felt “surrounded by that sense of home” on Saturday night at Calvin University’s Covenant Fine Arts Center.

At the end of the second tour weekend behind the new album “Vessel” by the Traverse City alt-folk band, the multi-instrumentalists Sav Buist, Katie Larson and Michael Dause – with special guest Patty PerShayla – announced their mission to “involve the listener”. “Beyond anything they had previously unleashed.

Larson calls them “Awe Moments,” especially for longtime followers who consider the band to be family.

So see the Calvin show as a kind of reunion that is lovingly anchored in the family album.

Happy to Be Back: The Accidentals and the Calvin Audience. (Photo / Kendra Petersen-Kamp)

After all, the group’s longest break from performance until the arrival of COVID-19 was only about two weeks.

After the band had already played several concerts, the band members even felt at ease behind the scenes and were casually optimistic about the tour so far, when the show starred singer-songwriter Sawyer Fredericks, the 8th season winner of NBC’s “The Voice “was opened.

Fredericks boasted of the kind of vocal prowess that impressed the judges and fans, playing both the original melodies and the song he sang in his blind audition for the show Man of Constant Sorrow.

The Accidentals – greeted with thunderous applause – joined Fredericks for the final song on his set before kicking off on “Vessel” amid swirling psychedelic lights and projections as their new stage show pumped up.


“We’re so happy to be back in GR and so happy to be on stage again,” said Buist.

On the second song of the evening this joy quickly turned into a boisterous rock show with Larson and PerShayla on electric guitars, Buist on bass and Dause on drums, which were amplified by beautiful, clear harmonies that filled the art center.

Another highlight was the reworking of an older piece by the band, “It’s Mosquito Season Again”, in which Buist switched between mandolin and violin and the entire band raged hair-raising across the stage.

Passionate return: Sav Buist (Photo / Kendra Petersen-Kamp)

The set was so stimulating that some fans danced along the stage wings and the band joked that the dancers would be with them for the rest of the tour.

The crowd, roughly 400, was attentive and responsive as Larson shared stories about their songwriting process during lockdown, songs they’d written about pets, and how they were able to write and produce songs with some of their musical heroes.

Larson and Buist switched instruments all night, a hallmark of the band’s performances.

“It was wild that three people changed instruments instead of two,” Buist told Local Spins. “We actually had to design our setlists using a spreadsheet with columns for each person’s instrumentation so the transitions would be seamless.”

The show ended with a Coldplay cover, “Viva La Vida,” and an encore with the band’s hit, “Michigan and Again,” with Fredericks back on stage.

The heavy applause and standing ovations as the band members made their final bows seemed to achieve what The Accidentals had said they wanted: “Connect us as only music can.”

PHOTO GALLERY: The Accidentals, Sawyer Fredericks at Calvin’s Covenant Fine Arts Center
Photos by Kendra Petersen-Kamp

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