News From 110 Years In the past: 03/06/2021 | Local News

  • The Spanish war veterans invited some of their friends to a “family celebration” last night and it has proven to be as enjoyable as any gathering they have held. The dining room of the CSPS room had been cleared and the floor properly waxed, and there were about sixty couples dancing until nearly two o’clock.
  • The Woman’s Club law school class will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 am in the club room.
  • Wm. Thiel was unlucky to have broken one of his horse’s legs while throwing a tree trunk. The Maple City vet came over and set it up and the horse is believed to get along well.
  • Frank Polack has bought and is tearing down the old Wm. Armstrong house. Another old symbol of the pioneering days disappears.
  • A lot of young people enjoyed a sleighride to Mud Lake, where they skated on Friday night despite the windy weather.

The Northern Michigan Bee Keepers Association will hold its annual meeting in Traverse City at the Whiting Hotel on Tuesday and Wednesday March 15-16. There is all evidence that the meeting will be the most successful in the history of the organization. Many topics that are of paramount importance to beekeepers are discussed and good entertainment is offered to anyone interested in bee culture.

  • John Kroupa went to Traverse City on Wednesday and returned with a lovely new range.
  • Phones were cut out to repair damage today. Some of the citizens’ phones of commercial buildings on the north side of Front Street were out of service for about a day, and today all phones on that side of the street were turned off to repair the damage. It appears that the large underground cable near North Union Street was broken, which was causing the inconvenience. The recent thaw somehow left the water in the cable tunnel, which was frozen and the cable broke. The repairs were completed today.
  • The State Barber Examining Board will hold a barber exam and licensing session on March 7, 1911, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Park Place Hotel, Traverse City, Michigan
  • Crushed by the grave

Ed Barr had broken a leg in the Elmwood Pit.

Kicked under overhanging ledge while loosely chopped.

  • Six girls from the east have organized a company of “boy scouts” and will carry out their work along the lines of the boys’ organization.
  • The ice in the bay about a mile away is so thick that fishermen can build their huts and practice their favorite sport of guiding the select members of the Finny tribe through the ice. Several good catches are reported today, and if the ice lasts a few days longer, many more will seize the opportunity presented for the first time this season.
  • Leslie Hoxie, who spent some time in the U.S. Navy on the cruiser Denver, spends some time with relatives in town. Mr. Hoxie made the trip around the world on the cruiser.
  • Mrs. Newt Jamison was in Big Rapids Monday to attend a family reunion held in honor of her father’s ninety-second birthday.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin of the Traverse Area Historical Society in association with the Traverse Area District Library.

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