Neogen hopes to make a $71 million expansion in Lansing

LANSING, Mich. — Neogen is hoping to expand in Lansing and Mayor Andy Schor supports the expansion. Schor said it’s an investment that will help Lansing grow economically.

“It’s $70 million, it’s a large investment and we are excited,” Schor said.

Neogen produces testing equipment that can detect harmful contaminates.

“We’ve been working with them for several months to make this happen, and now they’re ready to go,” Schor said.

The project will include a 3-story, 176,000 square foot manufacturing and research building on an East Shiawasse Street parking lot that used to be owned by Sparrow.

“We were able to work with Neogen and Sparrow, and it was a chance for them to get together and talk and for th—0at parking lot to be sold, so that this expansion can happen,” Schor said.

The new building will be Neogen’s fifth location in Lansing, and it is expected to add between 60-100 jobs that pay between $13 to $25 an hour.

“I know we have an incredible workforce, and I’m glad Neogen sees that and recognizes that and wants to expand,” Schor said.

“We’re in the very, very first stages of this,” said Lansing City Council President Adam Hussain.

Neogen has requested a $5 million Brownfield plan that would reimburse the company for the cost of some improvements to the site. That plan still requires the approval of the Lansing City Council.

“What we’re going to do within the next month is ask as many questions as we can so that we are in a good position to vote on this by the end of July,” Hussain said.

We reached out to Neogen, and they provided this statement:

“Being an active part of the Lansing community has always been important to Neogen. This city helped build us into the global company we are today, and we are grateful to continue to call Lansing our corporate headquarters as we continue to grow. This expansion is a big step forward for Neogen and our food safety business, and we are excited to take it with the city of Lansing.”

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