Lansing Township annexation into Lansing on November ballot

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – Some people who want to live in Lansing Township want to live in Lansing.

Background: Groesbeck neighborhood could be annexed into Lansing

The City Council unanimously voted Monday night to put the measure on the November ballot.

If Lansing Township residents in the Groesbeck neighborhood vote to have Lansing annex their neighborhood, the Capital City could be left to pay millions in township debt.

Linda Appling, who lives in Lansing, is already concerned with the higher property taxes she’ll have to pay if a new public safety building comes to her neighborhood. She said she feels she doesn’t have any say in the conversation.

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“There should be a thorough review of the amount of money that this may cost us,” Appling said. “I haven’t heard anybody mention the potential cost to residents of the city of Lansing. We’re unable to vote on this but yet they want to bring that particular area in.”

City Council members said the annexation won’t hurt taxpayers in Lansing, but instead, the city will be gaining properties that already have houses on them, which helps bring money to the community.

“Even if the mayor’s and the administration’s numbers are only half right and they’re off, this still sounds like we’re going to increase our revenue,” said Lansing City Council member Brian T. Jackson. “We always talk about different ways to get more money for the city so that we can provide services and programs.”

“We look forward to see what the decision is of the citizens and we will honor that decision and move forward,” said Lansing Mayor Andy Schor.

Schor said the city of Lansing would be responsible for 20% of Lansing Township’s debt, which is about $33 million. If the ballot passes in November, Lansing Township residents will become Lansing residents on Dec. 31


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