Lansing Thrift Information: Where to Go and What to Take on a Thrift Trip

This year, the trend of being on-trend is higher than ever – after a year and a half of staying inside and rocking loungewear, sequins, corsets, feathers, and going out is back in style.

Keeping up with these pressures can be overwhelming – for your wallet and the environment. Fortunately, the thrift store is a sustainable way to stay on trend and stay on a budget.

There are a few things to consider before hitting the thrift. First, buy in moderation. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean you need it. Bringing a few items to donate every time you are frugal is a great way to manage your clothes!

Only when you buy what you love will you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you can feel good about. Also, be careful what you are buying. Plus sizes can be harder to come by at a thrift store. So if you don’t wear these sizes, leave them for the people who do.

When shopping, there are a few things to consider in order to find the perfect piece. First the fabric. You can usually find this information on a small label on your clothing. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, and cashmere can be more expensive online or at the mall. However, these high quality fabrics are plentiful and available cheaply for the frugal.

Another thing to look at is the brand of clothing. Fast fashion constantly ends up in thrift, and if you’re looking for something trendy, buying secondhand fast fashion is a good idea. However, if you’re looking for long-lasting classics, brands like Talbots and Levi’s can be great finds. If you’re lucky, you might even find some designer!

Finally, please check the size and try on your clothes before buying! Sizing specifications have never been standard, and you can’t always return your clothes on the frugal. In addition, when you buy vintage, the size chart is quite a long way from what we have today.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent De Paul is a thrift store that supports charities in Lansing. All proceeds from the thrift shop benefit the community. At the entrance there is a seasonal selection of home accessories that immediately create a homely feeling.

There is a decent area of ​​the store dedicated to the furniture. If your couch was burned last weekend, you can get a new one at St. Vincent’s for around $ 20-50. Velvet wingback chairs can start at as low as $ 10, and solid wood desks and other furniture are inexpensive too. There are plenty of Christmas decorations out there if you are looking for pieces to add the Christmas cheer to your house or apartment.

The St. Vincent clothing department is organized by color and type of clothing. Clothing is calculated individually. There is a wonderful selection of clothes; I’ve never found a piece that I loved. The clothes I saw there look a bit older. You won’t find discarded fast fashion here, but rather a larger selection of older, higher quality and more neat clothes.

When the weather gets colder, St. Vincent’s also has great outerwear options. There are nice trench coats, corduroy jackets and leather blazers. These are usually between $ 10-20.

The best thing about St. Vincent’s is the vintage department. There are many options and sizes as well as vintage children’s clothing. There are beautiful dresses, 80s buttons and old uniform skirts. It’s also perfect for sourcing statement pieces and costumes. While most vintage resellers sell their products, St. Vincent’s Vintage costs roughly the same as the rest of their clothing, depending on the brand.

They have a couple of changing rooms with mirrors when you decide to try things on and the workers are incredibly friendly. The prices are low, the quality and selection are amazing, and your purchase will benefit the community.

St. Vincent’s is located in the Reo Town neighborhood of Lansing. There are several other cute shops down the street, including other thrift and antique stores. The Good Truckin ‘Diner across the street has some of the best breakfast options in Lansing, and Blue Owl also has a location across the street. It’s the perfect place to spend a frugal morning.

Plato’s closet

Plato’s Closet is all about selling clothes that are trendy right now. Customers have the opportunity to sell their clothes to the store and earn cash back for their unwanted but stylish items.

There are themed clothing exhibitions throughout the store. I’ve seen a cheetah print display, a 1970s display, and there is almost always a shelf full of MSU clothing. The clothes are sorted by size and color and the prices for clothes are calculated individually.

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The prices at Plato’s Closet are based on the brand of the item. You might see a trendier item at a low price from Shein, or an outdated but more expensive item from Free People. I find this pricing a hit or miss.

Sometimes you can find great deals on stylish clothes that have barely been worn. However, there are a lot of clothes at Plato that I think are way too expensive for what they are. Heavily used or obsolete clothing that you can find much cheaper at a regular thrift store can be extremely overpriced at Plato’s if it’s the right brand.

Additionally, while they have tons of trendy, fashionable pieces to choose from, there are even more clothes filling the shelves that feel a little dated. Plato’s has plenty of changing rooms, a seven-day return policy, and a text rewards system that allows you to earn points for your purchases.

One of my favorite aspects of Platos is her Instagram account. There they post several items of clothing every day that are available for purchase in their online shop. The Instagram pieces are usually styled into an outfit, giving followers an idea of ​​how to wear some of their more unique finds.

The account eliminates the need for followers to spend the time and effort searching through every item of clothing on the shelves, eliminating one of the main drawbacks of thrift shopping.

Overall, Plato’s Closet is perfect if you are looking for second hand clothing that is on trend. You can find stylish pieces a lot cheaper than you would find online or at the mall, and you are recycling clothes in the process. Selling your clothes is a great way to keep them out of landfills and make some pocket money in the process.

Volunteers from America

There are two Volunteers of America locations in Lansing. Both have overwhelming selections of clothing, and I’ve rarely gone without a find.

VOA has furniture and fittings, but I think the clothing department is worth spending time with. There’s a lot of vintage there if that’s what you’re looking for, although it’s not as segregated as it is in St. Vincent.

The racks are color coded but not sorted by size. They are categorized by clothing type and prices are calculated individually. Tags are also color coded and a different color of tag is sold each day. To get the most bang for your buck, shopping for the sale tags is the way to go. A $ 10 leather jacket could cost $ 3.25, and a $ 3 shirt could cost less than a dollar. Every last Tuesday of the month there is a 50% discount in the entire store.

You definitely need to be in the right mood before heading to Volunteers of America as it can feel like an alternate universe, making it the perfect place to get into the savings zone. The Cedar Street location is jam-packed with some of the coolest finds I’ve ever seen, and it takes a while to go through it all. I would suggest going to the store with an hour or two. The other place is absolutely huge so I wouldn’t recommend going through it all. If you take the time to look around, you will definitely come out with something completely unique.

My personal favorite are the printed button-downs for women with short sleeves. There are so many prints, colors, textures and sizes. They cost no more than $ 3 and are perfect to wear over a bikini in summer or over a turtleneck in winter.

There are a couple of changing rooms, one-of-a-kind finds, and another thrift store that donates to the community.

Retro subway

Metro Retro makes you feel like a New York Tik Tok influencer showing your frugality in the neighborhood. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s progressive, it’s … a little bit expensive. But for curated vintage pieces that are unique and of good quality, it’s well worth the extra money.

If you want to attend a themed party, Metro Retro is a great choice. For a Studio 54 themed party, Metro Retro had the Elton John look of our dreams. For a monochromatic cowboy theme, they had the perfect glittery blue dress.

Metro Retro has shelves of beautiful vintage clothes reminiscent of something Jess Day would wear at New Girl. Precious patterns, soft cotton fabrics and classic cuts are easy to find in this thrift store.

If you’re looking for designers on a budget, Metro Retro should be your first stop in Lansing. The last time I was there they had timeless Christian Dior ties for $ 30, the perfect gift for the Gossip Girl lover in your life or maybe your dad.

Metro Retro isn’t a big room, so it’s easy to take the time to browse their clothes. In addition to clothing, there is a lot of fun and versatile jewelry, posters and other bells and whistles.

Metro Retro is more expensive than a traditional thrift store like VOA or St. Vincent, but it’s still cheaper than many vintage shops online. Metro Retro has a changing room behind the counter. It’s an absolutely charming place, right in the middle of Lansing’s old town. There is an art supply store across the street and lots of nice restaurants if you want to spend an afternoon on the frugal.


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