Troy Weaver’s vision for Detroit Pistons is taking shape

The Detroit Pistons have lost eight in a row and have the worst record in the NBA, so it might sound silly to say things are going according to plan, but they are.

Troy Weaver knew he was in for a long-term rebuilding when he took over as general manager for the Pistons given Detroit’s lack of talent, low assets, and a bloated payroll full of overpaid veterans who stopped manufacturing.

Propose to the present and the Pistons are a completely different team and don’t have a single player that Troy Weaver didn’t bring himself.

The Detroit Pistons are young, building up, and not doing very well, but you can see Troy Weaver’s plan for the team is slowly coming into focus.

Goal # 1: Get Rid of All Detroit Pistons Bad Contracts

Weaver isn’t quite there yet, but the Pistons are almost free of any bad contract.

After this season, Blake Griffin’s disastrous deal comes off the books and the Pistons will be one of four teams with ample headroom for the next off-season.

After the next season, DeAndre Jordan’s dead money will go away from the books, although we will have to wait a few more years to get Dewayne Dedmon off the payroll.

If you look at Pistons’ payroll, it looks good they can add at least one ineffective agent in the next off-season and possibly another maximum deal in the next.

Even if the pistons strike in the free agent market, there are many ways to take advantage of that cap space, including a large trade for a seasoned star.

Detroit is in a great position financially and should be a major player in the free agent and commercial market for the next few seasons.

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