Child finds mastodon tooth, false cop arrested: Ann Arbor headlines September 25-30

ANN ARBOR, MI – A 6-year-old boy hiking with his family found a prehistoric fossil that he is now donating to a museum in Ann Arbor.

Here is that headline and a few more that you may have missed this week.

Mastodon tooth found by a 6 year old while hiking. He’s donating it to the University of Michigan

Like many 6-year-olds, Julian Gagnon likes to pick things up off the floor. Sticks, rocks, whatever.

Earlier this month, he made his most important discovery to date. Important enough to grab the attention of the University of Michigan’s Museum of Paleontology.

Julian found an old mastodon tooth while hiking with his family at Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester Hills on Sept. 6. Scientists at the UM Museum have verified its authenticity and Julian will donate it to the museum to ensure its preservation.

The man with a gun and badge at the scene of the accident was not a police officer, officials say

A state conservation officer stopped to help a man who had had an accident in Northfield Township and eventually arrested the driver after it was discovered he was an armed felon posing as a police officer.

George Michael Galbraith, 63, of Clarkston, was charged on Friday, September 24, on multiple charges after he was discovered illegally armed and posed as an officer at the crash site.

Ann Arbor is voting to hire the first black city administrator in over 40 years

The city council has selected Milton Dohoney to lead Ann Arbor City Hall as interim city administrator.

The council unanimously voted in a special session on Monday evening, September 27th, to offer the job to Dohoney, who has decades of experience in local government in Arizona, Ohio and Kentucky.

“You Can’t Close Your Eyes”: New Dingell Legislation Requires Universities To Be Accountable For Sexual Misconduct

In an effort to curb sexual violence in universities, US MP Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn, enacted a new law Tuesday to strengthen the language of Title IX and hold universities accountable for incorrect handling of sexual misconduct investigations to pull.

Dingell, who teamed up with Connecticut MP Jahana Hayes to propose the bill on Sept. 28, said Michigan State University had seen sexual abuse scandals involving Dr. Larry Nassar and the University of Michigan with the late Dr. Robert Anderson and rape cases admit Eastern Michigan University got her to write the bill.

University of Michigan is offering residents $ 200 to participate in a study on home heating

University of Michigan researchers are offering residents $ 200 to participate in a home energy study that focuses on a societal transition to electrified heating.

Open to residents of Washtenaw and Wayne counties, the study, which aims to support measures to enable society to make a just and equitable transition to sustainable heating and cooling practices, will run until February 2023.

A defective air filter resulted in a fatal plane crash near Howell, investigations reveal

Federal investigators have determined the cause of the crash of an airplane with two fatalities shortly after it took off near Howell two years ago.

Philip Henry Colmer, 64, of Chelsea and James Tafralian, 68, of Webberville, died on August 20, 2019 when their single-engine aircraft crashed shortly after taking off from Spencer J. Hardy Airport in Livingston County, northwest of Howell.

An outside attorney will investigate domestic violence allegations against the Ann Arbor property, the board says

A domestic violence advocacy group based in the Ann Arbor area, which has provided shelter to survivors of abuse for decades, hires an outside attorney to investigate allegations made on September 22, according to an unsigned statement by its board of directors.

SafeHouse Center, a non-profit organization, operates a 24/7 hotline and free accommodation for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

The Washtenaw County Health Department offers Pfizer booster vaccinations for eligible adults

The Washtenaw County Health Department will offer a Pfizer booster vaccination to eligible adults in October.

Biotech Company to Begin $ 57 Million Project at Ann Arbor’s Flex-Tech Research Park

A development project in Ann Arbor has received a $ 1.2 million grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund, the next step in creating a “flex-tech” space in the Tech Loop at Ann Arbor Research Park.

All of this is part of a $ 57 million project from Sartorius BioAnalytical Instruments, a supplier of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. Working with Portage Capital Partners, the company plans to build a 130,000 square foot facility at 3874 Research Park Drive.

Augmented Reality, autonomous vehicles at the upcoming tech event in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor SPARK is hosting its annual a2Tech360 event October 1-8, with events across Ann Arbor.

The event, which emerged from SPARK’s Tech Trek, is now a week-long event with an awards ceremony, multiple themed summits, and an investor showcase.

Tech Track was a walking tour of Ann Arbor that gave technology companies in the city the opportunity to showcase their business to the public.

The proposed policy would protect transgender students in Saline schools

As the parent of a transgender ninth grader and a sexually disparate sixth grader, Dave Rosenfeld urged the Saline School Board to consider how a policy would provide the special protection they need for children like his.

“They are particularly bullied and harassed and discriminated against just because they are transgender,” said Rosenfeld during the board meeting on Tuesday, September 28th.

“Some people like to think that all of these bad results are the natural result of being transgender, but what we’ve actually found, and the evidence is growing, is that they are really the result of being transgendered youngsters are treated by others. “

Township approves definitive plans for a 264-unit housing estate north of Ann Arbor

After strong opposition from some local residents earlier this year, plans for a development that will place homes and townhouses on 79 acres of farmland in rural Northfield Township are now going through a final approval process.

The ward’s board of trustees voted unanimously on Tuesday, September 28, to approve the final development and rezoning motion for the proposed Howell Chestnut Development, LLC unit at its regularly scheduled meeting.

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