Anonymous Donors Send Detroit Lakes High School Students To Prom For Free

DETROIT LAKES, Minnesota (Valley News Live) – Detroit Lakes High School students attend the prom this year for free thanks to anonymous donors.

Last year high school students were unable to have prom due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve had some community members reach out to us and say they wanted to make this year special because it’s so special that we even have a prom,” said Samantha Link, the 9th prom advisor and English teacher. Class at Detroit Lakes High School.

This year is going to be special because of the generosity of a group of donors.

“They offered to raise money anonymously and use it primarily to ensure that every single student comes for free,” Link said.

The $ 5,000 donation also helps ensure a memorable experience for students.

“This money helps us by making sure we can have decorations, food and drinks,” said Link.

The good news has already spread in school.

“I heard in the Schnipsel hall that they are thrilled that the tickets are free this year, and that generally just makes it easier for them,” said Link.

Prom tickets are typically $ 50, but due to the economic hardship caused by the pandemic, the school was already planning to make them affordable.

Link shared: “We know that families have problems and we just want every child to be able to come.”

Fortunately, the generous donation ensured that the students could not attend.

“I think it speaks volumes about the support our community members have given Detroit Lakes High School. We really appreciate it. That made it easier for us, ”said Link.

Prom is less than a month away and the hope now is that students have the experience of a lifetime.

“The message to the students is to just have fun and be safe.”

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