Which Detroit Lions color rush uniform set is your favourite?

The Detroit Lions impressed on the pitch Monday night, and I’m not talking about football. The new all-white uniform combination has appeared. We have now seen three possible variations of a “Color Rush” kit on the current kits: the standard gray color rush, the all blues and now the all whites.

Question of the Day: Which Lions Color Rush Uniform is your favorite?

My answer: I’m still a sucker for the all blues.

The Lions weren’t very lucky with them because the first picture that comes to mind is the prime-time loss to the Steelers when the Lions first wore them. Nonetheless, they are my favorite when the whites come close to second.

I would definitely like this all white set to be more regular and would love to see the all blue colors again sometime this season. Hey, at least we all agree that the gray is the worst, right?

Which is your favorite Please cast your vote below.

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Which Lions Color Rush Uniform is your favorite?

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