Detroit residents give feedback on draft redistricting maps

Detroit residents are providing feedback to the state’s Independent Redistribution Commission on a number of draft district maps.

Politicians and activists expressed concern. That’s because the country’s largest black majority city would not have a black majority district under most of the proposed maps.

Detroit is 78% black according to the latest census.

Carl Hollier is a Detroit resident and the father of Senator Adam Hollier. He said if the card designs don’t change he won’t actually be represented.

“They want them to leave a predominantly black district. We want someone to choose who understands our background, history and heritage, “he said.

Glenda McGadney runs a block club in the Russell Woods neighborhood of Detroit. She said fair and just cards were a big reason she planned to speak at the meeting.

“Well, what concerns me is making sure there are people of color in our state and in Washington. So how the lines are drawn is very important, ”she said.

There will be four more public hearings on the map drafts this week and next in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Gaylord and Flint. You can find out more here.

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