West Michigan Seniors Celebrating Their ‘Sturdy’ Sixties

Photoshoots for West MI 60 Strong continued across Traverse City today.

A group of 12 West Michigan residents in their sixties were elected 60 strong ambassadors on Friday.

The new program aims to keep seniors healthy and help them navigate Medicare.

The 60 Strong Ambassadors were treated to professional photo shoots in Grand Rapids and Traverse City on Friday and Saturday.

They are featured on the 2022 West MI 60 Strong Calendar and highlight activities in West Michigan.

Every 60 Strong ambassadors were nominated by family members or friends.

A panel of prominent West Michigan jurors then selected the winners based on their remarkable accomplishments in overcoming health problems and other adversities.

60 Strong Ambassador Anne Stanton is honored for her journalistic achievements.

The Traverse City writer founded Mission Point Press and Front Street Writers, a professional writing program for high school students.

When Stanton is not writing, she promotes her own healthy lifestyle by hiking, running, and mountain biking.

She believes that with a positive and realistic attitude, you can accomplish whatever goal you set yourself.

“I say be good to yourself, have a great attitude, and the more you can do something with a friend, the more likely it will be successful,” said Stanton.

Stanton also wrote her own series for Traverse City Magazine, entitled “The Unstoppable”.

“It’s all about ordinary people who have had extraordinary challenges and just keep exercising and finding a way to stay fit and their stories are really, really fun,” said Stanton.

60 Strong coordinator Lisa Stafford leads the new program.

She hopes to highlight an age group that often faces many challenges.

“60 Strong is about courage and resilience,” said Stafford. “It’s about giving back to your community and living a healthy life. All of these people, chosen by prominent jurors, are very healthy and fit – and they all do wonderful things for other people and for their community. “

Stafford believes another defining characteristic of the group is their persistence.

“The only thing about 60 Strong Ambassadors is that they never say, ‘I can’t,’” said Stafford. “They always say, ‘I can. I can do it.'”

West MI 60 Strong is sponsored by Answer Health, a medical group affiliated with Answer Health Senior Care Advantage.

Calendars can be purchased from www.WestMI60Strong.com in early October.

All proceeds go to Senior Neighbors, a nonprofit group that supports seniors in Grand Rapids.

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