Cade Cunningham could break the Pistons’ scoring record

The Detroit Pistons’ single-game scoring record could be jeopardized if Cade Cunningham makes it to Motor City.

The Pistons have had some electrical scoring performances over the year with five different players scoring more than 50 points in a game.

But if you look at their top 5 scoring performances, you will see that most of them made it without the benefit of the 3 point shot.

In fact, power forward Blake Griffin made the most 3-point shots of any Pistons that scored 50 or more.

Top scorer Jerry Stackhouse scored 57 points against the Bulls while taking just four shots from a distance.

As the game changes and more goals are scored, Cade Cunningham has a good chance of breaking the Detroit Pistons’ single-game scoring record as early as next season. Here’s why.

Detroit Pistons: Cade Cunningham is going to get a lot of shots

To be the best player on a rebuilding team has its advantages, namely that Cunningham holds the ball a lot and should get a lot of shots.

He’ll be running the show in the back room, so don’t expect him to retire when he gets hot. Though Cade won’t be the one-man team he was in the state of Oklahoma, where he lost 44 points with just 21 shots in a college game.

The pro game is longer, so if Cade lights it he gets more chances and could end up with a game where he shoots closer to 30 shots. It took Stackhouse 36 shots to get his 57 points, and if Cade ever has a game with that kind of use, he could do it.

Detroit Pistons: Cade Cunningham can shoot the 3-ball

Cunningham will have a huge advantage over all of Pistons’ top scorers in the single game as he can shoot the 3 ball much better than any of them.

Cunningham shot 40 percent from a great distance in college and nearly 50 percent in his action in the Summer League, so this is one guy that makes it fly off the 3-point line.

While guys like Stackhouse and Rip Hamilton have had to struggle in midfield to get their buckets, Cunningham can fill it up from the 3 point range, and it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where he’s 8-10 of them in a game.

The Detroit Pistons will feed him the ball, especially if he does, and I think it’s safe to say that Cade Cunningham will have some big goals for Detroit this season.

Will it be enough for him to break the record in his rookie season? Probably not, but he has all the tools to do it at some point in his career.

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