We Are Lansing gathers the community for its first Thanksgiving dinner | Local news

Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, cabbage, dressing, cornbread, peach cobbler, and other desserts were piled on plates courtesy of Trenae Gourmet, a local catering company.

Gary and Deborah Thompson of Lansing learned about the dinner through Church.

“It’s wonderful,” said Gary Thompson. “It shows that they really care and are ready to help and do something about it.”

“The best thing about Thanksgiving is giving,” added Deborah Thompson.

Sanchez’s mother, Veronica Sanchez-Shavers, was side by side with her son handing out vacation staples.

“I think it’s great,” said Sanchez-Shavers. “He made me proud. I knew early on that he had a heart of gold.”

Sanchez-Shavers, a social worker, said she saw the group grow and saw her son’s tenacity and dedication to We Are Lansing.

“I think it’s important right now that this pandemic is for so many hardships. Whether it’s dinner or giveaways, it’s very important people have come to eat or to get takeaway, I’ve seen that there really is a need. Some people have nowhere to go. “

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