The Accidentals revel in early tour pleasure, chart success for ‘Vessel’ | News

TRAVERSE CITY – The start of The Accidentals’ tour behind a much-talked about new studio album was inspiring and stimulating for the band.

“Every time we play a show, there are moments when we all hold back tears because we’re relieved to be doing what we love with the people we love,” said Katie Larson Sunday’s concert in Cleveland, fourth show on the Traverse City band’s album release tour for “Vessel”.

“This exchange of energy and emotions is real and it is healing and it feels great to see it on the other end of a live stream after so many months of emptiness.”

With Grand Rapids multi-instrumentalist Patty PerShayla on stage and The Voice 2015 winner Sawyer Fredericks opening the shows, bandmate Sav Buist said “the team feels right” for this long-awaited fall tour. This tour started last week with two Traverse City shows at the City Opera House.

“The audience was like a big family get-together every evening. We feel the love, ”said Buist, noting that the band had time to be“ really authentic ”with the new album and to bring this spirit to the stage.

Officially released on October 1st, the album and the pre-singles have already caused a sensation with the old folk band, in which Michael Dause can also be seen on drums: “Vessel” shot straight to number 1 on Local Spins Hot Top 5 charts for September. means the local or regional publication that receives the most radio broadcasts on Grand Rapids (88.1 FM) WYCE.

“It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to hear our songs on the radio. It’s huge. Ten years ago, WYCE was the first to play our music and we will never forget hearing it on the radio for the first time. It feels like we’ve come full circle with this album, ”said Buist, noting that radio airplay“ gives us a platform to see what people think ”about the tracks on the new album.

“Broadcasters like WYCE level the playing field and give indie music a voice.”

Four artists with ties to Northern Michigan dominated the September charts: Petosky’s Michigan Rattlers landed at number 2 with “That Kind of Life”, Billy Strings, a former resident of Traverse City, was at number 3 with “Renewal” and Traverse City- Instrumentalist Laurel Premo’s new album “Golden Loam” debuted at number 4.

It is actually the second time this year that The Accidentals have landed No. 1 on the Local Spins Hot Top 5 Charts: The EP “Time Out: Session No. 1 “the band, with collaborations with other songwriters, topped the charts in May.

This Michigan fan base helped add to the excitement for the band’s shows in their home state, Buist said.

“I think they are surprised that we increased the energy with this show. There are sure to be quiet moments, but it’s a rocker, ”she said. “The lights, the banners, the addition of Patty PerShayla (electric guitar, bass, octave mandolin, ukulele) really gives us the freedom to make a full show the way the music was intended.

“We are fortunate to have a solid base of music lovers. They don’t mind that we step out of the box. … They usually encourage us to push the boundaries further. They love the pop melodies as much as the Americana and they dig the punk energy of the live show. “

Larson added that the trio quickly bonded with PerShayla and Fredericks, which bodes well for the fall tour.

“Adding Patty made the music seamless,” she said, noting that PerShayla had learned 25 songs in two months while running her own rock band, The Mayhaps.

“We have all become very close in this short time, not only on stage, but also in the van. This tour will be an absolute blast with her. “

The Accidentals are playing more shows in Michigan this week: Great Lakes Center for the Arts in Petoskey on Thursday (October 7th) and Cheboygan Opera House on Friday (October 8th) – two concerts presented by the Blissfest Music Organization – followed by the concert on Saturday at Calvin University’s Covenant Fine Arts Center in Grand Rapids. The band will also play at The Mendel Center at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor on October 13th.

“When we put together a show, the goal is to create an experience for the listener. So we’re trying to build an emotional set: we want the audience to laugh with us, cry with us and wish the night wasn’t over, ”said Buist.

“The set was written to take people on this journey, to connect us in the way only music can. … We are not holding back. We just leave everything on stage every evening. “

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