Ann Arbor Public Schools are canceling classes for a day to help with staffing shortages

ANN ARBOR, MI – Ann Arbor public schools are canceling a class day next week to ensure their buildings can be properly occupied.

The decision to cancel classes on Monday November 1st is being made “to confidently and safely” create staff buildings and “to provide some relief to our students and staff during this demanding fall,” Superintendent Jeanice Swift said on Wednesday : October 27th announcement.

“We remain concerned and focused on helping our overwhelmed school and district teams meet the day-to-day workforce challenges in all job categories in the organization and supporting all components of systems operations,” said Swift. “The pressures of this fall return are not just reserved for Ann Arbor Public Schools; they are ubiquitous in school districts and communities across the country. “

The Monday after Halloween traditionally results in lower student and staff attendance, Swift said.

“We understand that this situation will worsen during this COVID period and fully staffing the operations for that day will be a significant challenge,” said Swift.

Students, teachers, school teams and parents continue to work hard to keep schools open successfully, Swift said.

“The current pressures we face do not detract from the enjoyment and learning of our vibrant classrooms and the critical importance of our students and staff being together in school every day to be able to do so safely,” she said.

“The ongoing challenges we face are evidence of a deeper realignment of our broader community and social system and the complex concerns and changes that this autumnal return represents.”

AAPS has not disclosed details or commented on how many employees are absent or how bottlenecks are occurring across the district. In the past few weeks, however, some school buildings have had to be closed to address the staff shortage.

Huron High School, Skyline High School, and Forsythe Middle School moved to distance learning last week due to “high levels of staff illness”.

Pittsfield Elementary School and Burns Park Elementary School have also switched operations to distance learning in recent weeks due to the high number of COVID-19 student cases and quarantines.


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