TC Tourism, State of Michigan Partner for Daycare Pilot Program

Childcare can be difficult for working parents, especially here in Northern Michigan.

Traverse City Tourism is partnering with the state on a new program called the MI Tri-Share Child Care Pilot Program to help hospitality families finance childcare.

“It is a unique opportunity for a company like Traverse City Tourism to work with the state to support families,” said Trevor Tkach, President and CEO of Traverse City Tourism.

All accommodation partners of the tourism organization are eligible to participate.

“The state provides funds to support childcare,” said Tkach. “You bring in a third of the money, Traverse City Tourism will match another third, and then the family will provide the remaining third.”

To qualify, parents must have a household income between 150% and 250% of the federal poverty guidelines. For example, a family of four would have a household income between $ 39,750 and $ 66,250 to qualify.

“It’s about reassuring workers that their children are safe at work,” said Tkach. “That is really the most important thing.”

One of those participating companies, Black Star Farms, had employees leave because they could not afford childcare. Managing owner Sherri Campbell Fenton says this has been the practice with other accommodation companies in the Grand Traverse area.

“They may be full, but ‘full’ means there is only a percentage of their rooms that can be rented out, and that’s because they don’t have enough staff,” said Campbell Fenton.

The program also provides resources to find affordable childcare in the area.

Campbell Fenton says this new program will also be a good addition for new employees.

“Being able to mention in advertisements that this is part of what we offer, I think it will be a good recruiting tool too,” she said.

You can find the link here to apply.

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