Strong, widespread rain likely over large area of Lower Michigan

A widespread rain is going to soak most of Lower Michigan. Here’s when and how much you can expect at your location.

The rain will start tonight and continue through most of Tuesday, coming to an end by Tuesday evening.

The radar forecast shows the large area of ​​rain that will cross Michigan.

Radar forecast from midnight Tuesday to midnight Wednesday.

Rain develops overnight tonight for most of Lower Michigan, with the exception of maybe the far northern part near the Mackinac Bridge. The most widespread and heaviest time period of rain will fall during the heart of Tuesday.

It’s easy to tell that Tuesday will be a wet day across Lower Michigan.

The radar forecast at noon Tuesday shows who will have the heaviest rain, shown in yellow and orange. These yellow and orange areas could be thunderstorms. The thunderstorms shouldn’t be severe, but could have heavy rain.


Radar forecast at noon Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The rain will taper off as you go farther north in Lower Michigan. From Traverse City to Cheboygan and northward, there may only be occasional drizzle.

The heaviest amount of rain in the rain gauge will occur from I-94 southward.


Total rainfall forecast for Tuesday, May 3, 2022

I’d call it a one-half-inch to inch rain from Big Rapids to Mount Pleasant to Bay City and all areas southward. From I-94 southward, total rainfall should mount up to between 1 and 2 inches.

Earlier data forecasts showed the chance of small streaks of 3-inch rains across far southern Lower Michigan. Now the new data shows the heavy 3-inch amounts stay south of Michigan and fall over northern Indiana and northern Ohio.

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