Schlissel says that he can always teach after the UM presidency

ANN ARBOR, me. – The President of the University of Michigan, who is stepping down in 2023, said Thursday he would return to teaching and research “if nothing more interesting comes”.

Mark Schlissel gave his annual leadership address two days after he announced that he would be leaving his post after nine years. He said during a question-and-answer session that he is a permanent member of the university faculty.

“Before I started taking academic leadership roles, I was just an old biology professor. … I ran a research lab trying to understand the mechanisms of the immune system, “he told Research.”

Schlissel, who gets $ 927,000 a year, will have a soft landing. Under an agreement with the Board of Regents, he will be paid his presidential salary for up to two years after June 2023.

The university will provide a lab and $ 2 million to get it up and running.


Schlissel, 63, said he would be president for almost two more years. He said he wanted to help the next leader “keep the university going”.

The Detroit Free Press reported on tension between Schlissel and the school board. But one regent, Sarah Hubbard, told the Detroit News that he did not have to resign.

“I think he decided to leave earlier. He wanted to get out at the right time, which was right for the university, ”she said.

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