Resurfacing maintenance highlights the Washtenaw County’s 2021 road construction season

WASHTENAW COUNTY, MI – Dozens of road projects are planned for Washtenaw County’s 2021 construction season.

Details for each project have not yet been announced. While some of the construction projects are currently ongoing, many will begin in May and June. The county will fund the road projects from a variety of sources, including federal and state fuel tax revenues, county road mills, and townships.

The Washtenaw County Road Commission uses a preventive maintenance strategy to select the projects to run each year, said spokeswoman Emily Kizer.

The county applies a mix of corrections in hopes of keeping roads in good condition in good condition, roads in good condition, or bringing them in good condition and addressing roads in bad condition to make them better said Kizer.

Several roads in several Washtenaw County’s townships will be closed this year due to the sealing of chips. Chip sealing is when a thin film of heated asphalt liquid is sprayed onto the road surface, which increases safety by providing good slip resistance.

There are also several resurfacing projects aimed at repairing and maintaining roads. Resurfacing consists of milling and overlaying work for sidewalks in fair condition, while pulverization and overlaying work for sidewalks in poor condition. Limestone / gravel lift is used in cases where a road is unpaved.

Here are the top county road projects slated to begin in 2021. Click here for the map with the full list of road projects.

Dixboro Road Pathway

Work is in progress along Dixboro Road between the entrance to the University of Michigan’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens and the Marshall Nature Center in the Ann Arbor community

The construction work takes place from spring to autumn. Right turns and a non-motorized path will be built. A storm sewer installation is currently being carried out as part of this project.

Miller Road

The bridge change takes place on Miller Road between East Delhi and Wagner streets. The paving is done on Miller Road between Zeeb and Wagner Streets.

Construction on the Miller Road bridge replacement is expected to be completed in June, while the road will be paved by late spring. This project is funded by the Four-Year Road and Non-Motorized Path Millage and the Michigan Transportation Fund.

Wagner Street

Work is in progress between Ann Arbor-Saline Road and Huron River Drive in Lodi and Scio townships

A state safety grant is adding several safety enhancements including: left lane in center left, throat replacement, updated lane markings and signs. Road construction takes place from June to September.

Huron River Drive Trail

This work is carried out between Zeeb Road and Delhi Metropark.

A new path starts at the corner of Zeeb Road and Huron River Drive and ends in Delhi Metropark (1.1 miles). It connects two recently completed sections of the Border-to-Border Trail. The trail is on the south side of Huron River Drive and within road and railroad rights before crossing the Huron River on a single-span pedestrian bridge and entering the Delhi Metropark. The paths are built in the summer and autumn months.

Geddes Road

The work will be carried out between North Dixboro and Superior streets in Ann Arbor and the Superior townships.

Drainage improvements, forestry, pulverization and remediation are being carried out. Geddes Road, between North Dixboro Road and Superior Road in Ann Arbor and the Superior Townships, reopened after the completion of a road renewal project funded by County-Wide Roads and Non-Motorized Millage. Starting Monday May 10th, DTE Gas will close the lanes at the intersection of Dixboro and Geddes Streets to begin the next phase of its tank inspection station project. The intersection remains open, but Road Commission officials said they anticipate traffic jams due to these lane closures.

Zeeb Road

Work is underway between Pleasant Lake and Ellsworth Streets.

There are 800 miles of dirt roads across Washtenaw County, and according to road commission officials, Zeeb Road is one of the busiest dirt roads in the Lodi community. Construction will close the road from mid-June to late summer. The county will also work on the intersection of Pleasant Lake and Zeeb Streets. This project is funded by County Road Millage and government fuel tax revenues.

Dennison Road Bridge

Work is going on between Hack and Mooreville streets.

The bridge on Dennison Road in York Township has been closed for replacement since March. A building contractor is currently creating the basis for the new bridge. The bridge is expected to reopen in early September.

8 Mile Road roundabout

The work will be carried out at the intersection of 8 Mile and Currie roads.

A roundabout is to be built on 8 Mile Road in the Salem community. The intersection of 8 Mile and Currie will be closed to all traffic during this construction. The date for this project has not yet been set.


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