Residents of The Quarters in East Lansing are concerned about the coming flooding

EAST LANSING, Michigan (WILX) – The flood watch reminds some in East Lansing of the nightmare they woke up to in early August. Those who live in The Quarters apartment complex found their cars underwater at the time. News 10 spoke to residents to see how they prepare for another possible flood.

Madison Schmitz and Maddie Tatara are residents of The Quarters.

Tatara said: “[In one part of the parking lot] the water was probably down to the bottom [the] Cars, and when you got out it got very deep very quickly, so that you could no longer drive or go to work. “

Tatara and Schmitz remember the flood that caused so much damage on August 12th. They say that one of their neighbors Tesla fell victim to the deep water.

Schmitz said: “The wiring in the car was definitely broken. So her alarm clock rang and the lights kept blinking and that would do for five minutes, then stop and then continue. “

Both Tatara and Schmitz say the complex reached out to them to let them know a flood warning was in place and to take appropriate precautions with their vehicles.

Schmitz said: “The quarter is pretty good at writing to us and saying, ‘We expect rain today, you should move your cars if you can.'”

This time around, the duo say they enjoy seeing the maintenance guy regularly check the sump pump to make sure it’s ready for times like this.

“I definitely think they are doing their best to prevent such situations,” said Tatara. “Of course it is not ideal for them when many residents flood their cars.”

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