Northern MI Blueberry Growers Dealing With Dry Conditions

It’s blueberry season in Michigan, but things are a little dry in northern Michigan. Ben Buchan owns Buchan’s Blueberry Hill in Traverse City on Old Mission Peninsula. He spoke with Michigan News Network

“I’ve been running my irrigation, but my situation’s a little different,” Buchan said. “I have naturally acidic peat, and so it’s kind of a swamp. It’s a 20 acre swamp but I’m growing blueberries in the corner of it. So, I’ve got five acres of blueberries and it’s pretty wet most of the time.”

Buchan says when it’s wet, the bushes are stunted and when it’s dry, they don’t have the root system to sustain themselves. That’s why he uses irrigation. He says it looks like a good crop overall. They are now open for u-pick blueberries.

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