Metro Detroit couple’s wedding plans on hold as man battles COVID-19

A Metro Detroit couple put their wedding plans on hold as a man battles a severe case of COVID-19.

“Today should be our wedding,” said Heather McPherson. “So we should get married today. Instead of walking down the aisle together, we fight for everyone’s life. “

McPherson gathered in a parking lot in Livonia with her friends and family on Saturday – not to celebrate a wedding, but to raise prayers.

“Jed and I both got COVID at the same time,” said McPherson.

She said that returned on October 13th. They were both not vaccinated. She beat COVID, but her fiancé, 48-year-old Jed Tancock, is still fighting for his life at St. Mary’s Mercy, Livonia.

“He’s been in the hospital for 26 days now, eight of which – he’s been on the drain,” said McPherson. “Unfortunately, his lungs have not improved since he was on the drain. So all other organs are doing fine, and that’s a good thing. “


She said there were limited options for her fiancé.

“Unfortunately, the next steps for improvement will require ECMO treatments and possibly lung treatment,” said McPherson.

But McPherson said even that was a long road because St. Mary’s Mercy couldn’t offer this treatment and other hospitals in the area turned him down.

“They say they are busy and unable to take in another patient,” she said.

Now they are waiting for a miracle that they hope will be a miracle.

“It’s frustrating and heartbreaking to know that these treatments are out there that can change people’s lives and give them a second chance,” said McPherson.

She wants a second chance not only for her fiancé, but for a start in life together. She holds her wedding rings close to her and does not let go.

“I put (the ring) next to my cross and I believe that God will work a miracle and that we can find a place for him and that I can put that on his finger,” said McPherson.

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