Lansing schools are paying up to $ 300 a day for submarines given the scarcity

LANSING, Michigan – Lansing School District officials say they need more replacement teachers and are willing to pay more money for them, up to $ 300 a day.

“As in any other district, we are facing a shortage of substitute teachers,” said Suzy Corbin, executive director of human resources.

Corbin said the pandemic had made it difficult for the district to find qualified subs.

“I think a lot of it is coming back to school personally, coming back face to face and the increased number of COVID,” she said.

Corbin said she understands that being a replacement during these troubled times can be difficult, which is why the district decided to increase pay.

In 2019, the district paid each substitute teacher $ 90 a day. Subs were paid $ 150 in 2020. Now the district pays $ 200 a day. Substitute teachers at Gardner Elementary School, Dwight Rich School of the Arts, and Everett High School will earn a little more.

“These are our most populous schools, and absenteeism affects our students’ learning. So we wanted to make sure we covered as much as possible in these schools. So we’re paying these subs $ 300 a day, ”said Corbin.

The district needs around 100 substitute teachers every day. They’re turning 70 at the moment.

“We use EDUStaff. They provide us with daily staff and the district also hires so-called guest teachers, which are district employees who serve as substitute teachers on a daily basis, ”said Corbin.

Each substitute teacher must have a minimum of 60 college credits and pass a background exam. EduStaff, which claims there is no shortage of substitutes, said their substitute teachers have to complete two hours of face-to-face training and two and a half hours of virtual training, which equates to a total training time of almost five.

The district announced that all unvaccinated substitute teachers will have to take a daily COVID-19 test.

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