New canton traffic light + Ann Arbor’s new $ 1.4 billion capital plan

Stand up and shine, Plymouth-Canton! Let’s catch up with you all to start this day on an informed note. Here are the main things to happen in Plymouth-Canton today.

First the weather today:

Cloudy, afternoon sprinkles. High: 38 Low: 34.

Here are the top stories of today in Plymouth-Canton:

  1. Long-demanded Traffic light coming to the treacherous Canton Township intersection. (Hometown life)
  2. 11 students calculated for threats against schools in Metro Detroit; 12. Accused of bringing guns to school. (FOX 2 Detroit)
  3. Solar systems, bicycle pump train under Projects in Ann Arbor’s new $ 1.4 billion capital plan. (
  4. Michigan Reports 15,385 new COVID-19 cases, 351 deaths over 2 days. (Detroit Free Press)
  5. How one ImpedeThaw frozen pipes at your home in Plymouth Canton. (Plymouth Canton Patch)

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  • Santa Claus is coming to YOUR city! – City of Canton – Community & Special Events (6:00 p.m.)
  • Financial Wellness Workshop # 4 “Dealing with Debt” (7:00 pm)

From my notebook:

  • Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy: “The December PSCA Ideal Team Player Award was presented to our fabulous 4th grade teacher, Ms. Shounia! Ms. Shounia was nominated by her classmates for her positive attitude, work ethic and high investment in our students. She is a mentor for many t. .. “(Facebook)
  • Cantonal Charter Academy: “Checkered day at CCA. When you tell a Scotsman it’s Carotid Day. “(Facebook)
  • New Morning School, Plymouth: “Making Christmas decorations in elementary school today: Can’t wait for the finished product!” (Facebook)
  • Plymouth District Library: “This week’s Virtual Babytime Kit is all about SNOW! Find it and all of our Virtual Babytime Kits at” (Facebook)
  • South Canton Scholars Charter Academy: “Give your children a unique experience this Christmas season. With our list of 40 gift ideas from experience, you are sure to find at least one that your children will appreciate in the years to come. Https:// 3DycW6Q” (Facebook )

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