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Time to work together on the water

The entire East Bay community is advised to boil water? This is a strange article. Is it true that the Grand Traverse Band of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians are studying their options for the water system?

The East Bay System is designed to deliver water from the Traverse City Eastern Avenue water facility through East Bay Township and to deliver municipal water to Acme Township and beyond. Turtle Creek Casino was not known when this system was conceived (1980-1985), but it was known that there would be customers east of East Bay. A 24-inch aqueduct was built along the bay, almost to the border between East Bay and Acme. A large system is actually easier to plan and manage than a large number of smaller systems. The least optimal system is thousands of discrete boreholes.

This 24-inch aqueduct has been waiting like a time capsule for a day when local governments can work together for 35 years. A hint of boiling water seems like a good time to remind people that working with utility companies makes a lot of sense. Interest rates are low and the federal government needs projects to help the economy. We need to look at how we work together and what is best for the entire community.

John Porter


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