WATCH NOW: Centuries-old Lansing Hardware Store survived by adapting | business

“Probably the biggest one was computerizing store inventory and the like,” said Dave.

“And computerized the paint department,” added Laurie. “We have the option of scanning a color when someone brings it to us so that we can adjust it.”

The Janzens also cut prices to compete with online retailers. “You can’t be overpriced with the Google world,” said Laurie.

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More recently, the Lansing DIY store has weathered the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were fine during the pandemic, as were most hardware stores,” said Dave. “Because everyone was home and you had a lot more home fix-it projects. We never had to close. We’ve made some changes to the way we work. We had a lot more deliveries, a lot more curb service. And some of it continues. “

“Because there are people who need it all the time,” added Laurie.

With a view to the future, the Janzens want to renew the facade of the store in the near future. “We’re going to keep the historic look,” said Dave.

The hardware store has survived for more than a century “by adapting to the needs of the community,” said Dave. “And by trying to always stay up to date with what is needed.”

The company, which is part of the retailer’s own cooperative under the trade name Hardware Hank, sells a wide range of hardware, paints, housewares, sanitary and electrical goods, gifts and appliances. It also provides equipment, installation, repair, and service.

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