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Ending fossil fuel use would be a road to ruin

The author of the piece on climate change, “Young voters can save the planet” on the Friday, Sept. 16, Opinion page is president of NextGen America, founded by billionaire Tom Steyer to indoctrinate young voters with his far-left agenda. His climate-change agenda is potentially the most destructive.

Ending the use of fossil fuels is not “central to our survival,” as stated in the viewpoint, but the road to our economic ruin and subservience to China which, by the way, is building coal-fired power plants at a rate of one per day.

When we are experiencing one of the many blackouts that will be caused by relying on undependable green energy, Mr. Steyer, like the rest of the liberal ruling-class elites, will be comfortable in his mansion with his expensive natural gas generation system, while we serfs suffer in our sweltering or freezing (depending on the season) homes unable to leave because we can’t charge the EV they forced us to buy.

It is a vision like this one that makes me dismiss anyone running for office that has “fighting climate change” as part of their platform.

John Kellogg

Traverse City

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