Lansing Jewelers donate 300 necklaces to front-line workers

LANSING, me. (WLNS) – Danielle Smith and her mother Robin run a jewelry store in Lansing.

They usually make jewelry for sale.

“You are making a turn. Do a few twists on your back, ”said Robin.

But last year they decided to make jewelry for serving.

Danielle, Robin and their friend Lexi donated 300 necklaces to frontline workers at Sparrow and McLaren’s COVID units.

Necklaces handmade from amethyst stones.

“You know, you’re okay 300. We’re just … we’re going to work on it, we’re going to get it done and move on,” said Robin.

You chose amethyst for a reason.

“It is known as a protective stone. So that’s what we wanted to do for all of these people protecting everyone else, ”Danielle said.

But making these necklaces wasn’t as fast as they thought.

“Yes! We understood it for two weeks. And it took about a year,” said Danielle.

They donated the necklaces but never met the health care workers who received them. Until now, that is.

Linda Todosciuk was one of the nurses. She said it was nice to know people are still looking for them as COVID cases are on the rise again.

“The friendliness also touched me a lot. You know it’s been a while. And just, it still goes on and we have a feeling that maybe people have forgotten us or … we are still here to do it, ”said Todosciuk.

But Danielle, Robin and Lexi haven’t forgotten her, and the nurses said it was nice to finally put a face on the necklace.

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