Former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick returns to Detroit to preach at historic Little Rock Baptist Church

DETROIT – Sunday was the most visible appearance of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in town after spending more than seven years in prison.

It was a packed house in the historic Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit on Sunday when the Kilpatrick ward listened.

“It sounds like he has a bright future and I’m really excited for him,” said churchgoer Latrice Haywood.

“I’m not trying to outsmart anyone, to manipulate anyone. I’m not trying not to cheat on anyone. I’m not trying not to do any of this. The light is on. Look at me. That’s me, ”said Kilpatrick.

This marked the first time Kilpatrick had spoken publicly after years in prison. He said he found his second calling while inside.

“One day while I was in prison, the Chaplin came to me and said I want you to be a worship leader,” Kilpatrick said.


The former mayor insists that things became clearer during his time in solitary confinement.

“I learned how to worship without an audience. I learned how to preach without a single person in the room, ”Kilpatrick said.

And while the future is unclear. One thing is certain – there are still many followers in Kilpatrick’s corner.

“I hope he will pull himself together and praise the Lord and do the right things in the right way,” said Mary Smith.

“He’s going to be probably the best person he ever was now. We all make mistakes and there is room for redress, ”said Silva Haywood.

During the sermon, Kilpatrick thanked the many people who prayed for him while he was behind bars.

Full Video: Kwame Kilpatrick Preaches in Detroit Church

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