Jared Goff apart, which Detroit Lions player needs to step up?

Almost anyone can agree that Jared Goff, the Detroit Lions quarterback, needs to play better now. Not only is the offensive fighting on his shoulders – there are many to be blamed for Detroit’s passing problems – but he certainly bears some of the blame.

However, there are a lot of issues throughout the squad and while there are also some positives, the reality of this team is 0-5. They may have gotten close in a few games, but for the majority of any competition, the Lions looked like the losing team. In every game but one (against Packers), Lions were beaten on a yards-per-game basis, often by a large margin.

All of this means that Lions need players to strengthen themselves. It is clear that Lady Luck is not on their side right now, so they have to create their own luck with better game. But who on this team is capable of moving up?

Today’s question of the day is:

Which Lions player outside of Jared Goff needs to improve their game?

My answer: TJ Hockenson.

Listen i understand Hockenson can only play the games given to him. The Lions don’t have many – or none – other threats on their list to divert attention from him. To be very clear, he’s going to have to work harder than the average tight end to open up and make moves.

But Hockenson shouldn’t fear reporting, the defense should fear him. The fact of the matter is, the Lions have no choice but to involve Hockenson more heavily as he is currently the only game making receiver on the roster, particularly with the injuries to Quintez Cephus and Tyrell Williams. Eight catches for 74 yards in the last three games just isn’t nearly enough. That should be close to the numbers he does every week.

Maybe it’s not fair to expect so much from Hockenson. In fact, I know it isn’t. Not many skill position players will succeed if they are the only legitimate threat to the defense. But the Lions have run out of options. You need him to carry this passport offense.

And that also applies to offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn. His main job is to find creative ways to bring Hockenson into space.

It’s your turn.

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