Grand Rapids dog featured in America’s Favorite Pet Competition

Arlo is an 11 month old Miniature Schnauzer. His owner Jessica Jetland said he caught him at the start of the pandemic and describes him as a “beacon of hope”.

“I have several challenging medical diagnoses. Adding those diagnoses to a pandemic has made the past year incredibly difficult. There are days when simple tasks require everything I need to do and Arlo keeps me going,” said Jetland .

Jetland is not only gentle and loving, but also eager to learn. She shared pictures and videos of his progress in learning new tricks on Facebook.

“It’s no surprise how much I enjoyed it, but seeing my friends and family so excited about his successes has been a driving force for me to move on when things are difficult,” said Jetland.

Jetland entered the competition after hearing about it from a friend in hopes of sharing the joy Arlo brings to her and loved ones.

“He’s a wonderful little puppy,” said Jetland.

Vote for Arlo to win America’s Favorite Pet Contest.

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