Grading the Trey Lyles signing in Detroit

The Detroit Pistons reportedly signed Trey Lyles on a two-year deal for $ 5 million with Yahoo Sports. Lyles had previously spent two years each in San Antonio, Utah, and Denver.

I used to think Lyles would fit perfectly into the rotation of the Pistons, but with the addition of Cade Cunningham and the appearance of Isaiah Stewart as the obvious start quality striker / center, I’m not so sure.

A decent rebounder and outside shooter, the 6-foot-10 Lyles has the speed and feel to run the floor and line up in the corner as a possible kick-out option. He’s not a great defender (although he has a large wingspan) and doesn’t put the ball on the ground.

If the Pistons were desperate for a three-point shootout, I would still think that signing for Detroit would be great. However, Cade Cunningham, Jerami Grant and Saddiq Bey will all be starters who can knock the long ball down, and Detroit’s other draft picks may bank the elite shootout for years to come.

The main complaints fans seem to have when drafting Isaiah Livers and Luka Garza is that they may never develop into substantial NBA shooters or all-around players. Lyles has already reached his upper limit, which is just under 10 points per game and around five rebounds.

The signing will hinder, slow down, or maybe even bury any potential Garza and Livers have for this year. Both are quite old for rookies, 22 and 23 years old, respectively. They don’t have time to sit on the bench or play in the G-League for years, they have to prove right away that they can be productive.

It should also be noted that Lyles wanted out of San Antonio because of his lavish playing time, in case you are wondering why the normally spicy Spurs organization didn’t try to keep him.

The Spurs have a young core, as do the Detroit Pistons. He’s signing up for a very similar role. Will he be calling for a trade until the All-Star hiatus when he realizes he’ll never be a starter in Motor City? Possibly. And what does the trading market look like for a journeyman who has not yet achieved any real success?

The silver lining in Detroit Pistons goes to Trey Lyles

The only silver lining is his shooting, which is very good for his position.

Out of the bow he shot 35% last season, and the year before he shot 38% on subsequent attempts. If he starts the season knowing he is on the bench, he could be productive. His contract is also just over a quarter of the Plumlee contact Detroit being dumped in Charlotte, ultimately saving money.

I’m not optimistic, but I hope he proves me wrong. Currently, the commitment seems to be detrimental to the development of some younger guys and it won’t be worth it. At least it’s not expensive!

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