Equity Pathways: Boosting access to small business capital

“I think intentionality … is really important for us to pursue that goal, and also for the community to let them know we intended who we are pursuing,” Batton said. also Executive Director of Detroit Means Business. “A rising tide gets all ships going. So if we target the most affected population … we believe that by helping, we can better serve everyone in the market.”

Batton was part of a small group of Detroit area executives who participated in a panel discussion on Diversity, Justice, and Inclusion moderated by Matt Elliott, Midwest Region Executive for Business Banking and President of Bank of America Michigan.

If business and community leaders had jointly prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion 30 years ago, it would have added about $ 70 trillion to the country’s economic output, Elliott said, citing findings in a recent report by Bank of America Global Research on diversity and inclusion have been published.

Listen to part of Elliott and Batton’s conversation on this page, and read the full report from the Equity Pathways Roundtable here.

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