East Lansing waives business and entertainment license fees

EAST LANSING, Michigan (WILX) – East Lansing companies applaud the city for their efforts to help by waiving business and entertainment license fees.

The city says that by providing these waivers they will lose approximately $ 75,000 in revenue, but according to Mayor Stephens, this is just about right.

“We hear you, we are with you and we are trying everything to help,” said Stephens.

The city approved business and entertainment license fee exemptions.

“It’s also important that we don’t put any further strain on them at a difficult time,” said Stephens. “This is something we did last year that the company said was quite helpful. So we’ve decided that this is probably the way to go to move forward again this year. “

Johnny Vlahakis is the owner of El Azteco, a Mexican restaurant in East Lansing.

“It’s great,” said Vlahakis. “Anything anyone can do to help our industry is very much appreciated.”

There is no question that COVID-19 restrictions have been tough for many companies.

“With curfews and capacities, we are now doing what we can,” said Vlahakis. “It seems like in town and everyone is doing what they can.”

According to Vlahakis, East Lansing is looking for creative ways to dine when things warm up.

“I just heard they approved a couple of terraces that open onto the street,” he said. “We hope to see more of this and that this will make the deck throughout downtown who friendlier.”

Mayor Stephens says one of the biggest factors that will make East Lansing successful is communication between businesses and city officials.

“Actually hearing from these companies what they need, want, and what would be most helpful is what best influences our decisions,” said Stephens. “This open line of communication is really very important for us to be adaptable in difficult situations.”

Some companies save up to $ 19,000 if they don’t have to pay these fees. However, the biggest message the city wants to send to their businesses is that they are here and ready to listen.

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