East Grand Rapids voters approve school millage proposal for after-school programming

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Voters passed the East Grand Rapids Public Schools 20-year Millage proposal on Tuesday, November 2nd.

The funds will support after-school programs such as clubs, theater programs, youth and school sports, and more over the next two decades.

The measure was adopted in Tuesday’s general election from 2,029 to 1,212, according to unofficial election results from the Kent County Clerk’s office.

The millage will elevate 1.5 mills over 20 years, from 2024 to 2043. For a home with a market value of $ 400,000 and a taxable value of $ 200,000, the millage will be roughly $ 300 in taxes annually, based on calculations on the district’s website. .

The district will use the mill to fund basic operating expenses such as custodians, maintenance, and utilities that support after-school programs. Funding operating costs through a tax payment will allow the district to save other income for capital improvements to existing facilities, school officials said.

It is expected to generate approximately $ 1.25 million in the first year.

Anthony Morey, assistant superintendent of finance and operations, thanked voters Tuesday for their support for the East Grand Rapids Public Schools.

“The district is extremely grateful for the continued support of our community, as demonstrated by the strong support for Recreation Millage today,” Morey said in a prepared statement to MLive.

“Since 2004, the district’s Recreation Millage has supported extracurricular programs that not only enrich the lives of our students, but also protect vital resources for our core educational mission. Knowing that these resources will be available by 2043 will help ensure the stability of future programming. “

The Millage will not go into effect until 2024, when the county’s current Leisure Millage expires. This millage has been in effect since 2004. The new proposal is slightly higher than the district’s 2004 Leisure Millage, which was $ 1.4 million or $ 1.40 for each taxable valuation of $ 1,000.

The district is demanding a higher millage to offset the millage rate reductions expected over the next several years due to headlee rollbacks. Since 2004, headlee rollbacks have reduced the district’s 1.4 million surcharge to 1.1803 million, according to the district website.

The school’s Millage proposal is completely separate and unique from a town bond proposal that also appeared on the November 2nd ballot. The city of East Grand Rapids urged taxpayers to consider a 20-year millage of approximately 0.5624 mills, which would fund numerous park improvements, including the construction of the city’s first dog park.

After unofficial election results, the city’s proposal was accepted with 1,867 votes in favor and 1,280 against.

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