Detroit Tigers Free Agent Overview: Right-hander pitcher Jon Gray

The Colorado Rockies did not make a qualified offer to right-handed Jon Gray. Does it fit into the Detroit Tigers rotation?

That night, the Rockies didn’t make a qualifying offer to right-handed Jon Gray. The third pick-over in the University of Oklahoma’s 2013 MLB draft was one of the best native starters Colorado had, so this was a big surprise. So the question is, can he fit into the Detroit Tigers rotation?

So if the Rockies made a qualifying offer to Gray, it means any team that signs him would have to forego a draft pick. The qualifying offer for one year goes for $ 18.4 million and they shortstoped Trevor Story, which is popular with some Tigers fans.

Who is Jon Gray?

Gray, who has a rather adorable nickname “Gray Wolf,” made his debut on August 4, 2015 against Seattle. Two years later, Gray would play the NL Wild Card for a game in which he lost to the Diamondbacks. He has a fastball, slider, change-up and curveball. His slider is his best pitch as it generated a WHIFF rate of 38.8% and a run value of -13 in 2021.

Its curve is as good as clubs only hit .120 against it.

Gray’s off-speed pitches allow him to better set up his fastball with mid 3/4 quarters delivery while he’s driving the pitches home. In 2019, in addition to a K per 9 of 9.5, he was able to generate a groundball rate of 51.8%. In 149 innings, he beat 157 in 2021 and produced an FIP of 4.22, which is lower than his ERA of 4.59.

His fastball speed has returned to 95 after dropping to 94 last season, which could be due to his recent injuries. This season he missed the time to straighten his right forearm and in the shortened 2020 season he had an infection on his right shoulder. He previously had two fractures of his left foot, the first time in 2017 and the last time in 2019.

Weird, as the Athletic ($) reported, was that the Rockies offered him a $ 35 million to $ 40 million extension for three years that would have earned him about $ 12 million per season, but he turned it down. Perhaps the reason for this is that it would have put him in the bottom category of pitchers in terms of an annual salary.

What Would Jon Gray Do For The Detroit Tigers?

It’s simple, it would give them a top notch starter in their rotation. His splits from home to away were identical, so the thin mountain air did not affect him as a starter in the past. The question that arises out there is how healthy is gray? If he can go out there and produce like he has done with around 25-30 starts per season, which he has been doing since 2016 (minus the last season of course), then the Tigers would have a stable veteran with two wipeout-offs. Speed ​​places.

Bonus Rockies mug: Yency Almonte

. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

As a bonus, I’d like to invite right-handed Yency Almonte, who was at home and out and about day and night, to come camping.

Almonte is a free agent and the Tigers need some bullpen depth. Almonte has a fastball, a slider and a change-up. His slider kept the batters at an average of 0.243 and a WHIFF% of 41.4.

This idea is more or less a project for Chris Fetter, but I think there is enough to at least offer an invitation. I mean, just check out the darts action on this slider.

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