Detroit Tigers are in dire need of left-handed pitching out of the bullpen

While the Detroit Tigers are unable to make any changes to their big league roster right now due to the work stoppage, something will have to give way when things get back to normal. As it stands now, the Tigers will be in dire need of left-handed helpers who can get the job done.

The Detroit Tigers have a great lefty in Gregory Soto who will try to be a dominant assist for the team; beyond that there is not much more. A recent article about the signing of left-hander Andrew Chafin by Detroit Jock City contributor Eli Paszek prompted this thought.

Upon closer inspection, I found that the Detroit Tigers do indeed need a strong influx of left-handed assists throughout the organization, not just at the big league level. Fangraph’s projected depth charts show the Tigers carrying five left-handed pitchers on the list.

With three of them starting and Tyler Alexander counted in that group, only Soto and Miguel Del Pozo are left to make their way into games by throwing from the left. Additionally, the Tigers only have seven other left-handed pitchers between starters and relievers at all levels of connected ball. Only two of these seven are listed as helpers.

The Detroit Tigers need an influx of lefties.

With only two helpers in the pipeline from the left, there isn’t much help in the way the Tigers can look either. Double-A and High-A respectively, these two helpers are a long way from making their pro debuts if they get that far.

Now, I’m no expert, but it’s unlikely that all of the pitching prospects this organization has will remain as a starter their entire career. Some of them are translated into relievers. It’s interesting to think about how the tigers might deal with that.

Could Joey Wentz, returning from injury, the risk of re-injury or assist risk overrun his career and send him down the path of an assist? It might not seem like it, but with a serious need for lefties, Wentz could be considered a reliever in his pro debut.

Another hurdle is that the Tigers only have six left-handed pitchers in their 40-man active roster. You are…

  1. Eduardo Rodriguez
  2. Tariq Skubal
  3. Tyler Alexander
  4. Gregory Soto
  5. Miguel Del Pozo
  6. Joey Wentz

With two of those players being consistent starters, a third being a long reliever and spot starter, and Soto a possible closer, something needs to be done. Understandably nothing happens because of the work stoppage, but once things start up again the Tigers need to get active and get busy quickly.

If the Tigers go into the 2022 season in this form, and lacking that much depth in terms of left-handed pitching, they’re going to run into problems across the board. It’s inevitable.

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