FSD 10.5 Almost Never Disengages In 17-Minute Detroit Drive

In most of the Tesla Full Self-Driving Videos, which show the vehicle navigating itself around a set route, at some point the car will go wrong and the driver will have to intervene. The videos in which the vehicle actually drives itself with no issues are really not that common from what we’ve seen, but this FSD version 10.5 beta drive is one of those rare actually autonomous drives.

Detroit Tesla uploaded this 17 minute clip showing the Model 3 driving itself around town. At one point the driver needs to take control, but that’s just because Tesla has apparently not yet programmed the vehicle to respond to flashing yellow lights that it encountered and the driver had to push the vehicle through that intersection.

Version 10.5 of Full Self-Driving brought the safety value down from 99 to 98, which allowed even more people to participate in the beta. Tesla says it has also improved VRU (Vulnerable Road User) Crossing Velocity Error, static world forecasts, cone and character recognition, cut direction network, and made merging smoother, among other things.

How does it work in the real world? Well, FSD is clearly still in beta, features are still subject to improvement or change, and for what it is now, the system is definitely making progress (though not as quickly as Tesla itself probably hoped) . Check out this video which shows it in action, as well as the selections we added in the related item box below.

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