The first strikeout baseball stadium comes to Lansing

Lansing will be home to an exciting new baseball brand called Strikeout Baseball.

Lansing already has a great baseball footprint with the Lugnuts playing downtown, but this will be a little different. Strikeout Baseball is a new version of America’s Pastime that can be played with just four people. It sounds crazy, but Strikeout Baseball is backed by Lansing-born and Hall of Fame pitcher Jon Smoltz.

Smoltz isn’t the creator of Strikeout Baseball, but he definitely supports bringing the new stadium to his old hometown.

What is the difference between strikeout baseball and normal baseball?

Strikeout Baseball isn’t a crazy version of America’s Pastime or anything like that, it’s just a twist that allows more kids to get into the game.

The problem with getting kids to play baseball is that it can be difficult to get 18 kids together in one place. Sure, there are small leagues and travel balls, but it would be hard to see 18 kids gather to play a game alone. Also, let’s not forget the cost of playing travel baseball. I’ve trained travel ball for a few years and it can get expensive.

According to the Strikeout Baseball site, the biggest difference in playing the game is that you can play with at least 2 people on each team. Jon Smoltz talked about the basics in the video above.

Imagine a mini version of an infield, there is no outfield, there is a wall. You can have a third baseman, shortstop, second base, first base, pitcher, that’s it. That’s the maximum, you can only have a maximum of five. But you can literally play games with just a pitcher and batter, or the left side of the infield, or just the right side of the infield, depending on how you want to play it

The proposed strikeout baseball stadium in Lansing hopes to break down these two barriers to children who want to play. Check out the video below to see what the field would look like.

I go to the Lugnuts games with my family every summer and I will definitely stop at the new stadium for some of our trips. The new stadium is not far from their venue and would be a perfect pre-game activity for any group.

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