CJ Baldwin fulfills his mother’s promise to help Huron’s top soccer player Dexter on Seniors Night

ANN ARBOR – Before CJ Baldwin left his house on Friday morning, CJ Baldwin learned that his mother Jene would not be able to play his senior football game because of her battle with breast cancer.

She was operated on on Monday and is recovering. She had a request for her son when his Ann Arbor Huron team competed against Dexter on Friday night.

Knowing that she couldn’t attend her son’s senior night, Jene told CJ that he had to score two touchdowns in her honor.

The older traffic jam didn’t disappoint.

CJ scored two touchdowns to help the River Rats win the match between two 4-1 teams 28-21 that was also Huron’s first Pink Out breast cancer awareness game.

“The fact that my senior night, my mother, wasn’t here somehow hit me,” said CJ after the game. “She told me I had to do two touchdowns tonight and I said to her, ‘I have you.’

“When my father was the only one accompanying me (down the field) it just started a fire. And I just thought, ‘someone is going to feel my pain today’. And I made sure that I perform for them. “

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It was clear that CJ ran passionately against the Dreadnaughts all night as he rarely went to the ground after initial contact and scored Huron’s second touchdown from a yard to give the River Rats a 14-0 lead in the second quarter procure.

CJ wasn’t done there as he continued pounding the ball behind Huron’s offensive line, particularly on Huron’s first drive of the third quarter, which lasted 6:46 seconds and was completed with another 1-yard score from CJ, giving Huron a 21 gave -7 advantage.

Huron’s defense managed to fend off the Dreadnaughts twice with consecutive fourth downstops towards the end of the fourth quarter to ensure victory and give CJ and even more reasons to smile.

“I can’t wait to get home and just say, ‘Mom, we did it,'” said CJ. “I called her before the game and said, ‘I’m going to have a ball today. I’m about to have a field day. ‘

“Dexter had a good defense though, don’t get me wrong. But the way I got into the game was more personal. It didn’t matter who we played against. I had to do what I had to do today. “

The River Rats gave CJ the match ball after the win, bringing them to 5-1 overall and 4-1 in the Southeastern Conference Red, and Huron’s head coach Antaiwn Mack was overjoyed to see CJ and the rest of the team’s performance beneath the given circumstances.

“We wanted to show the teams, the community and the fans that we can play football,” said Mack. “CJ Baldwin did a great job, together with DeVeion Mcllley and the O-Line they just dominated them up front.”

In addition to CJ’s appearance, quarterback Anthony Pinnace rushed to two touchdowns and defensive back Torrence Greene posted two interceptions for Huron.

Mack said a win like Friday’s against a top 10 team in Division 2 showed how far the River Rats had come as a program.

“This win confirmed that we are a real football team,” he said. “We are a real team and are trying to build something here that is serious about the future.”

The Dreadnaughts had the opportunity to level the game late as they had the ball close to midfield twice four minutes before the end of the game in the fourth quarter but were unable to move the ball.

“We missed opportunities,” said Dexter coach Phil Jacobs. “We left three touchdowns off the board, but that’s thanks to them. They’re a good defense and we’re a little understaffed and mixed up in a lot of positions, but our kids played hard and they did. Great football game and it was everything we expected from it. “

Dexter quarterback Cal Bavineau was 10-for-29 for 184 yards and two TDs and two interceptions, running back Cole Cabana rushed for 136 yards for 23 carries, and receiver Braeden Fuson caught four passes for 146 yards and two scores.

Dexter will be looking to get back on track against Monroe next week, while Huron will look to extend his winning streak to five games and take 2-0 teams over Ann Arbor on the trip to Skyline.

“This is certainly a confidence booster, but we still need to stay focused,” said CJ. “In the interviews at the beginning of the year we said that we wanted to go to the national championship. This is a stepping stone and it’s huge for us, but we have to stay focused. “


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