ATLAS Ushers Smart Space Comms Into Future With SBIR

TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan – (BUSINESS WIRE) – ATLAS Space Operations enhanced its machine learning ability through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. The ATLAS SBIR involves the use of over a billion data points from all aspects of the ATLAS communications platform to improve reliability and performance. Antenna tasking, device monitoring, and communication optimization are all enhanced through continuous machine-to-machine learning protocols.

ATLAS ‘mission is to go beyond hardware modernization by using software to optimize their services. With the software platform Freedom ™, the ATLAS team developed its software to automatically analyze trends in its communication network. This means that stand-alone metrics such as site reliability, ground station infrastructure performance, and antenna planning can be viewed as a whole.

The resulting improvement is that information from one data stream can inform and shape another. For example, in addition to communication metrics, hardware data can also be analyzed in order to explore possible opportunities and forecast challenges in advance. These efforts spring from a common goal: automatic communication analysis, modification and improvement for future-friendly space communication.

“This initiative demonstrates the Freedom ™ software platform’s ability to use machine learning to improve our performance and is testament to our longstanding commitment to leadership in software,” said Ed McCarty, VP of Global Sales at ATLAS. McCarty explained, “Think about the smartphone in your pocket. We expect regular software updates to be automatic and seamless to improve our user experience. ”

McCarty continues with further details: “This project provides our customers with a similar capability in space communications. By taking information from many sources and integrating it to improve what we offer our customers, we are able to forecast challenges in advance. We are therefore optimizing our equipment and avoiding unnecessary downtime – the best part is that this is done via machine-to-machine interfaces and is integrated into our offer. ”

About the ATLAS space operations:

According to Fast 10 of the World Teleport Association, ATLAS Space Operations is the fastest growing teleport operator in the world and was named the 15th fastest growing software company by Inc. 5000 with an overall ranking of 102. The company conducts secure and efficient space communications that drive critical decisions on Earth, all powered by Freedom ™, ATLAS ‘cloud-based platform. ATLAS uses a revolutionary approach that can be fluidly and quickly adapted to industry changes and brings data from space faster and more cheaply than ever before. More information is available at

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