“We just really want answers”: 3 years after the death of the Lansing hunter, the family is looking for closure

BATH TWP, Michigan – Exactly three years later to the day, the family of a man killed in a murder is seeking closure.
On November 16, 2018, Chong Yang was shot dead while hunting in Bath Township. More than 1,000 days later, the killer is still unknown. So the family, Bath Township Police and the FBI issued another call to action Tuesday morning to make sure people know they are not giving up.

“His 14 grandchildren, 9 children and my mother, we deserve answers about who took my father’s life,” said Yang’s daughter Ger.

Bath Township Police have been looking for these answers since the night Yang was found.

“I’ve been working on this case for three years,” said Bryan Miller, chief investigator for Bath Township Police. “Our main reason here is the closure of the family. “

The FBI was involved in the investigation in early February this year.

“We conducted a variety of investigative interviews, provided technical expertise and forensic analysis, and leveraged our partnerships with local, state and federal agencies inside and outside Michigan,” said FBI Agent David Porter.

Officials say tips were common initially, but over time it slowed significantly. That’s why they published the call-to-action on Tuesday, which says that no tip is too small to get in.

“Often in an investigation like this, it’s the smallest detail that, along with other information, can invalidate the case,” Porter said.

On Tuesday morning, as Yang’s widow held his picture in her hand, wiped her tears and stared into the forest where her husband’s body was found, her family gathered around her and comforted each other in a season of the year that means so much to them , in a place that doesn’t feel the same anymore.

“It’s our new mung year … that’s very important to us,” said Ger. “Well, that I can’t do something like that with my father … now I don’t see Lansing as my home anymore, I escape my life because he is no longer here. “

The yangs have spent $ 20,000 on anyone who helps catch whoever is responsible. If you have a tip, you will be asked to STOP Crimestoppers at 517-483-STOP. to call

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