Annual maintenance project begins at the popular Ann Arbor dog park

ANN ARBOR, MI – Ann Arbor’s Swift Run Dog Park is undergoing a year-long improvement project.

Starting Monday October 4th, half of the park with large dogs at 4000 Platt Road will be closed for extensive maintenance.

“The one-year project includes new fences, the replacement of lawns and the possibility of establishing the lawn over the winter and spring,” said the city in a press release. “The fence replacement will take place in the southwest corner of the park and will include 370 feet of new fences. While temporary fences are being installed in October, the area may be temporarily closed to large dogs. “

When the new lawn is ready next spring, the project will move to the other side of the large dog area with a similar six-month schedule for setting up a new lawn, officials said.

The plan is to always keep one side of the large dog area open during the project, and the small dog area will not be compromised and will remain open, officials said.

The city and the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission are overseeing the project. Questions about this can be directed to [email protected]

Under a new law approved by the city council, dogs in Ann Arbor can be classified as dangerous if they “provoke” people or other dogs, which can result in $ 500 tickets for owners.


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